Passport Requirements

pasport requirements for gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG) for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo wants you to know that passports are required for travel to Mexico from the USA and Canada.  If you are flying into Puerto Vallarta Mexico for your gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass surgery you will be required to obtain a passport book from your government passport issuing office.
In the USA it is very easy to obtain a Passport Book.

What you Need:

1) Passport Pictures

2) Proof of Citizenship and a government issued ID

3) Fill out the Passport Application Form

Once you have everything you can go to submit your application at the local post office or passport agency.  You may expedite your passport for an additional fee and usually get it within a few weeks.

In Canada similar steps are required, proof of citizenship, ID and application are filled out and processed at the local government office,

Note that it takes time to get your passport.

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