Weight Loss Surgery v. Liposuction

weight loss surgery in mexico Weight Loss Surgery v. Liposuction

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When we look for weight loss solutions, two of the main surgical options we can find are weight loss surgery and liposuction, but do you know what the difference between these two techniques is? If you do not know what each procedure is about and you are looking for a different alternative to a diet, then we will explain which of these two options turns out to be the best alternative.


Liposuction, also called liposculpture, is a cosmetic surgical technique which is used to remove fat accumulation of the body in areas such as glutes, abdomen, legs, arms, and chin. This technique uses a cannula that is introduced into the required areas, absorbing excess fat. This procedure is usually aggressive with the skin and could leave bruises because to eliminate fat, the doctor must move the cannula from side to side inside the skin layers suctioning out the fat.

Weight loss surgery instead is not a cosmetic surgery; it is a set of techniques, which when performed makes a tool, which then the patient is able to use to combat obesity. The laparoscopic technique is used to perform this type of surgery, a less invasive technique where the abdominal cavity is acceded through small incision points. The main bariatric surgeries most commonly performed are the Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico and Gastric Bypass Surgery in Mexico. With these types of surgeries, the patient feels fuller faster, eats less, and consequently may lose most of their excess weight. Both surgeries have long-term results, and both are tools the patient can use to help them have success with their desire for permanent weight loss.

Weight reduction

It is true that liposuction removes fat in a quick way, but it does not ensure that the patient eliminates excess weight in the long run. As an important fact, it is not advisable to have liposuction if the patient is 40 to 60 pounds overweight, since the body has a limit as to the amount of fat that can be extracted during liposuction. As such, liposuction only helps shape the figure, removing small amounts of body fat in people who have little excess weight and are looking for figure rather than true weight loss.

Weight loss surgery in comparison, could allow almost full reduction of long term excess weight loss in people that suffer from morbid obesity. This means that patients who undergo weight loss surgery may remove up to 100 pounds or more in a year and stay at their ideal weight for a long period of time, of course as long as they change their habits and follow their doctor’s advice after surgery.

Health benefits

Weight loss surgery may bring important benefits to the health of patients including: diabetes control (could reverse it in some cases), reduction in heart disease risk, sleep apnea, and improvements with regards to pain in the joints and bones. On the other hand, the benefits of liposuction are completely aesthetic.

Changes in patients

Being that liposuction is a cosmetic surgery, the aesthetic benefits are remarkable in the physique of patients, molding their figure and in some cases eliminating excess skin, but these changes may be only superficial. With weight loss surgery, patients change their lives by reducing their weight, not only look good but also increase their self-esteem, and as such, their life has a permanent change in both their physique and their health.

As you can see, liposuction is only an aesthetic treatment and weight loss surgery is a procedure for treating obesity. It should be noted that either option requires the patient to change eating habits and lifestyle so that they can really see effective results.

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