Gastric Plication Surgery in Mexico

gastric plication surgery in MexicoGastric Plication surgery in Mexico

Gastric Plication surgery, or pseudo sleeve surgery, is similar to the Gastric Sleeve in that it creates a smaller stomach and restricts the amount of food that a patient eats. The big difference between the Gastric Sleeve surgery and the Gastric Plication surgery in Mexico is that with the Gastric Plication, the stomach is rolled up and sewed in on itself in a wrap rather than with the Gastric Sleeve, where Dr. Hidalgo actually removes about 80% of the stomach. The gastric plication is not that successful, but it can help the patient feel fuller when eating, as the stomach area has been greatly reduced through the wrapping process and ideally a patient that does not eat as much tends to lose weight. 

Benefits of Gastric Plication Surgery 

gastric plication surgery in Puerto Vallarta Mexico 

Benefits to the Gastric Plication Surgery in Mexico





Advantages and Benefits of the Procedure
- Shrinks the size of the stomach by wrapping the stomach and making folds within the stomach lining.

- Patient may feel fuller quicker when eating due to the capacity of the new stomach.

- Patient may lose up to 55% of their excess weight within 2 years of surgery.

- Stomach is not removed thus making the surgery less invasive than the Gastric Bypass and Gastric Sleeve Surgery.

- BMI must be more 30 or higher to be considered for this surgery.

- One month for full recovery.

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