Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexico

duodenal switch surgery in mexicoDuodenal Switch surgery in Mexico

The Duodenal switch is an ideal surgery for patients with significant amount of weight to lose. The Duodenal Switch surgery has the best long-term weight loss results among all of the weight loss surgical procedures for patients who qualify for this procedure.  The duodenal switch surgery however is not right for everyone and Dr. Hidalgo can help you figure out if this is the right surgery for your specific needs.

During duodenal switch surgery, Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo performs a partial gastrectomy to reduce the size of the stomach. The resection is created along the elongated side of the stomach to restrict the stomach’s capacity to hold food. The normal functionality of the organ isn’t compromised; rather, only its size is reduced. Unlike other gastric bypass procedures, the pyloric valve and the duodenum will remain intact. The preservation of the pathways will allow food to pass through the stomach and intestines with ease, and your body will be able to absorb a healthy amount of nutrients throughout the digestive process. Additionally, during duodenal switch surgery, Dr. Hidalgo will rearrange the layout of the small intestine to differentiate the flow of food from the flow of stomach bile and pancreatic juices. By adjusting your small intestine, he can restrict your caloric intake while your food breaks down in your digestive track. Fat absorption will be limited throughout the process as your food makes its way into the large intestine.

Benefits of Duodenal Switch Surgery 

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Benefits to the Duodenal Switch Surgery in Mexico

Advantages and Benefits of the Procedure
- Patients typically can eat normal, healthy portions of food without difficulty.

- Food is digested properly.

- The stomachs ability to function is not impaired.

- There is less chance of dumping duet to the fact that the pyloric valve remains intact.

- Less chance of ulcers and blockages than other weight loss surgeries.

- Losing weight and maintaining a healthy weight may reduce the patients risk of obesity-related diseases and help to relieve symptoms of certain medical conditions they currently may have.

- Patients tend to feel more confident about their body and themselves as they lose large amounts of weight.

- Patients tend to have more energy.

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