Why Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta

Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta MexicoWhy Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta

Dr. Hidalgo is now one of Mexico foremost bariatric surgeons and he is the leading bariatric surgeon here in Puerto Vallarta performing more procedures than any other bariatric practice in the city. Here are the top FIVE reasons to choose Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo for your weight loss surgery in Mexico.

1. PRICE – Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo offers the best price for weight loss surgery in all of Puerto Vallarta, actually, his price is the same if not even lower than some of the doctors at the Mexican border. You will save thousands less than other bariatric surgeons up in the United States and all while receiving the best care in Mexico. Gastric Sleeve surgery is only $4200us and the Gastric Bypass surgery is only $6200us.

2. THE LOCATION – Puerto Vallarta is VERY safe and it is the capital of Mexico for medical tourism. There are more surgeries being performed in Puerto Vallarta year round than anywhere else in Mexico Add to that the fact that there are many nonstop and connecting flights into Puerto Vallarta each day, making Puerto Vallarta the ideal location to have your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico. You will fly into the city and be at your hotel within 10 minutes of leaving the airport and going home is a breeze, just get back to the airport and on your flight and you are on your way home. No hassles with the border and no sitting in a van after surgery for hours. Plus there are no dangers in Puerto Vallarta like those that exist in the border towns.

3. HOSPITAL – Puerto Vallarta offers some of the finest hospitals and Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo takes advantage of this. Dr. Hidalgo operates out of the CMQ Premiere Hospital here in Puerto Vallarta, one of Puerto Vallarta’s leading, state of the art facilities that is a full-service hospital that specializes in bariatric care.

4. THE SURGEON – Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo is one of Mexico’s finest bariatric surgeons and with Dr. Hidalgo you will have a greater chance of success and overall lower chance of surgery complications. He has performed thousands of gastric sleeve and gastric bypass surgeries over the years and his complication rate is much less than 1%. Dr. Hidalgo specializes in difficult surgeries that other bariatric practices won't touch, super high BMI patients and revisions surgeries.

5. POSTOP CARE – Dr. Juan Francisco Hidalgo is one of the only bariatric surgeons in Mexico to provide 2 full years of postop care included in the surgery price. His team of doctors and staff will follow-up with you regularly via online chats, support group, email or phone calls to make sure your weight loss surgery is a complete success.

Email us for more information about your gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico at info@weightlossteam.com or call us Toll Free at 1 (800) 404-9064 or +1 (818) 949-6911