Best Care In Mexico

Dr. Hidalgo Best Care in Mexico Dr. Hidalgo Offers The Best Care For Your Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Having gastric sleeve surgery in Mexico or gastric bypass surgery in Mexico is one of the biggest decisions a patient can make in their life. Dr. Hidalgo tries his best to provide each and every patient with the very best care in Mexico and hopefully by choosing Dr. Hidalgo you will have made the best decision in your life..


There are 3 factors when trying to find the right bariatric surgeon for your gastric sleeve or gastric bypass surgery in Mexico.

1) You Must Do Your Own Research

2) The Decision is Always Yours

3) Keep Peace Of Mind

Research is critical to helping you find the right trusted bariatric surgeon in Mexico.  A surgeon  who meets all of your necessary qualifications. Remember, there are always more options than just running off to the border to just any doctor and at any facility.  For example, Dr. Hidalgo in Puerto Vallarta actually uses a State of the Art first rate, American style hospital, something most doctors don’t have access to in Tijuana. You can never do enough research and always factor in more than just cost, look to patient care, quality of follow-up, and attention provided to you by the staff.  You should feel comfortable when choosing your surgeon and not have to worry about anything.

Also remember the Decision is always yours.  Do not be led down the path of everyone is doing something so I should as well.  Use your head and keep to your decision.  Do not let family or friends talk you out of surgery or push you in one direction or another.  Remember, this is your surgery.

And finally keep a peace of mind, stay calm and go with your gut.  Typically if you have done your homework you will have made the right decision.  We hope you choose Dr. Hidalgo but ultimately you must choose whichever doctor is right for you.  Stay true to yourself and you will have a successful surgery with a trusted bariatric surgeon.

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