Bariatric Surgery Revision in Mexico

weight loss surgery revision in Mexico If you have been unsuccessful with your prior weight loss surgery we can help you!

The Bariatric Surgery Revision in Mexico can be difficult at times as most patients have found themselves having one type of weight loss surgery or another and over time and after years the first surgery seems to no longer be working, either due to the patient not following the doctor's advice any longer or an issue with the surgery itself.  Dr. Hidalgo specializes in revision surgery and has helped thousands of patients restart their weight loss journey. 

Dr. Hidalgo feels that weight loss surgery revision is an ideal treatment for patients who may or may not have experienced outstanding results following their weight loss surgeries.  The key is finding out what exactly is going wrong and then attempting to fix it so that the patient gets back on track to losing the weight they want to lose.

Typical Types of revision surgery are:

Lapband Removal

Lapband removal and either a gastric sleeve surgery or gastric bypass (the bypass is preferred as it has a lower chance of surgery complication and leak after removing the lapband.

Gastric Sleeve revision - sometimes the patient needs to see why their sleeve is not working and other times the patient needs to be resleeved to help achieve further weight loss.

Gastric Sleeve to Bypass or DS - This is a very common procedure to kick start the additional weight loss, it is also the most successful of the revisions and most recommended.

Gastric Bypass Revision - This is for patients with an RNY or previous bypass, here the bypass needs to be revised and inspected as well as to see if further intestine can be removed to help possbily trigger additional weight loss.

Benefits of Bariatric Surgery Revision

Bariatric Surgery Revision in Mexico 

Benefits to the Bariatric Surgery Revision in Mexico

Advantages and Benefits of the Procedure
The main benefit to having the Bariatric Surgery Revision is that you will once again start losing weight and you will know that your current or new surgery is working.  Part of the revision process is scientific, as such the doctor goes in to see what is wrong, the other part fixes that problem. 

No matter what bariatric procedure you tried the first time, or what surgeon you worked with, we are happy to talk with you and help you understand your options for your bariatric surgery revision in Mexico.

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