Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

gastric sleeve surgery mexico dr hidalgo Gastric Sleeve Surgery (VSG) for Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Laparoscopic Gastric Sleeve in Mexico, is one of leading types of bariatric surgeries performed in Mexico today. The Gastric Sleeve surgery which is performed here in Mexico, is the fastest growing bariatric surgery type in the world and is overtaking gastric bypass as the “gold standard” procedure for weight loss surgery. The sleeve gastrectomy surgery was originally designed as the first step of a 2-stage operation to duodenal switch in patients with extremely high BMI (BMI of more than 60). The Gastric Sleeve surgery has been performed since 1999 with fantastic results for most patients. Thousands of patients have come to Mexico for their gastric sleeve surgery and most have had impressive results which has helped them resolve many obesity-related diseases and illnesses.

Gastric Sleeve surgery is not reversible like the lapband surgery or the intragastric balloon; however it can be easily revised to a gastric bypass or a duodenal switch if the patient does not have the results they are looking for. Unlike gastric bypass, the gastric sleeve surgery performed here in Mexico, does not alter the function of the intestine or cause malabsorption. The pancreatic juice and bile produced by the pancreas and liver still is mixed with the food you eat and is completely absorbed. The Gastric Sleeve surgery also removes the section of the stomach where the hunger hormone or ghrelin is released helping your body not feel hunger and helps change the way the patient may feel about food.

Get to know Dr. Juan F. Hidalgo

Dr. Hidalgo - Gastric Sleeve Surgery in Mexico

Dr. Francisco Hidalgo is a highly trained bariatric surgeon who specializes in using minimally invasive surgery techniques to perform weight loss surgery in Mexico. Dr. Hidalgo has years of extensive experience treating obesity through surgery. Dr. Hidalgo has performed thousands of successful bariatric surgeries, including surgery on patients who are not considered candidates at other practices, due to extremely high BMI’s (up to 80), revision surgery type, or many other reasons that lesser qualified bariatric doctors choose not to help these patients in need. Dr. Hidalgo has received specialized training in bariatrics and laparoscopic procedures and he is one of the only doctors in Puerto Vallarta that performs the Single Incision Gastric Sleeve Surgery. Dr. Hidalgo has one of the lowest complication rates for weight loss surgeons in Mexico.